Nighty 2.0 is now available!

Nighty 2.0 logo

Nighty, the most powerful Discord selfbot, now with brand new and extremely simple user interface.


Dear Nighty Users,

After the long time, we are excited to present Nighty 2.0. Please install Nighty 2.0 manually (re-download the launcher). If you lost the download link, you can get one from [ here ]. A new Get Started video tutorial will be released soon. We believe that the new login system is so easy, that it doesn’t require a tutorial (but we will make one). If you have any troubles with the new version please contact us via tickets.

We have big plans for the future. The UI is only the beginning of the big changes in Nighty. A brand new plugin system is coming to Nighty this year.

Found a bug? Have an idea? [ Suggestion / Bug report – Nighty Support Portal ] We are waiting for your feedback.

Additionally, you can now join the official Discord server. Open Nighty 2.0, open the sidebar (click on Nighty logo) and click the Discord logo button. Thanks to our new verification system, Nighty will automatically join the server and complete all the verification steps for you!

Here is the changelog for this version:

User interface
    + Notifications rewrite
    + Console & (windows) toast notifications redirect to Discord by clicking on them
    -> message: Ping, ghostping, giveaway joiner, discord employee, keyword, ticket detection, used commands & many more
    -> user profile: Friend events, relationship updates & many more
  Information dashboard
    + Live updating for any modification(s)
  Discord auto verification
    + No more need to get your key for the discord, Nighty will auto verify you instead.

  + session | Session toolkit
    + sessiondisconnect <id> | Log out of a session
    + sessionmanager | Session manager
    -> Instantly log out of any device that is not authorized to connect
    -> Previously connected regions and countries are whitelisted on startup

    + togglelocationwhitelist <on/off> | Toggle location whitelist
    + toggleosblacklist <on/off> | Toggle OS blacklist
    + toggleplatformblacklist <on/off> | Toggle platform blacklist

    + locationwhitelist <add/delete> <city/region/country> <"name"> | Manage location whitelist
    + osblacklist <add/delete> <windows/mac/linux/android/ios>
    + platformblacklist <add/delete> <client/web/mobile>

Giveaway joiner (gjoiner):
  + Updated GiveawayBot#2381 giveaways with buttons
  + Button support for custom joiner
  Custom giveaway joiner:
    + buttoninfo <message_url> | Get button(s) information from message
    + cbbutton <bot_id> <button_id> | Button to click (buttoninfo command to get the button id)

Themes & community themes:
  + support for theme folders (folder with theme specific font(s), ui, json file)
  + cthemes fixed & updated to install & extract zip into theme folder
  + updated theme command to work with theme folders
Scripts & community scripts:
  + support for script folders (data/scripts/yourscript/
  + cscripts fixed & updated to install & extract zip into scripts folder
  Scripts API:
    + print(text: str, url: Optional[str], discord_message_jump: Optional[discord.Message or discord.Channel]) | Print to new console
Custom activity:
  + Added back competing & cyclecompete command
  + fullbackup | All in One backup

Small changes:
    + hide Nighty to system tray
    + admin mode no longer required
    + sessionupdates does not require restart anymore
    + improved & moved showsessions/activesessions to session toolkit
    + improved cthemes, cscripts & clanguages
    + added embedredirect <url> to customize | embed title url
    + moved sessionspoof to session toolkit
    + more details on reason for disconnection
    + eventreact & pinspam are persistent (saved for next launch)
    + notify when your account requires verification by Discord (locked account)
    + added "(prefix)help [command]" in description
    + categories are marked with >
    + sudden selfbot restart on connection issues
    + image mode text wrapping
    + disconnected error showing up multiple times
    + multi token giveaway joiner & nitro sniper
    + improved backupservers + vanity checks
    + removed old commands such as autoreply, pagination, from the list
    + nightygo 401 command error
    + accountbackup avatar
    + channelinfo + works with text channels, voice channels & stage channels
    + soundsettings 2 for image & embed mode
    + updated ascii command with figlet:
        + asciifont database:
    + improved userbanner
    + mutualinfo mutual_friends error
    + mcachievement using
        -> mcachievement <"title"> <"first_text"> <"second_text"> [block] | Blocks can be found at
    + facts, drake, didyoumean, pornhub & facts command
    + raccoon typo + raccoon command
    + detachvoice not found error
    + savebans, banned, unbanall, unban, exportbans command
    + bird command
    + toasticon command
    + listening, watching & loopactivity
    + img using unsplash api
    + google command
    + textmode/imagemode/embedmode/darkmode/lightmode config bug
    + channels & roles command
    + server whitelist for event react
    + pinspam
    + reactuser
    + mimic, smartmimic & mimicreply (+ updated mimicreply)
    + cyclechannel
    + forcenick double console output
    + fakenitro, fakelink command (depending on nighty embeds)
    + covid command
    + settings command for embed mode
    + stop command for bomb animation
    + credits command
    + ping & embed + image mode for ping command
    + startup causing custom status reset
    + ticket detection permission bug
    + status change on rpc & spotify
    + many more
    - admin -> lock, unlock, lockchannel, unlockchannel
    - nettools -> tracert, whois
    - misc -> redirect, hotkeys
    - image -> mcsplash, brain, spooky, abandon, armor, salty, shame, amijoke, bad, bill
    - fun -> fml
    - troll -> blocksend, afkbot
    - tools -> convert, mchistory, fnstats


Nighty Staff Team